Alternative Wasteland

More than thrilled to announce that my first novel was just released. Ready for sale immediately. Each book is $20. Thank you for everyone’s support throughout the years. Truly honored! I will be delivering the books myself so just let me know the best way to deliver them if interested.


A Stranger Among Us

A stranger observes the home of David and Janine from across the street. Bathed in darkness, the man makes no movements…he simply watches. Beset by a dark secret long kept dormant, David and Janine’s seemingly happy marriage will be tested by this stranger. But by confronting their past, this enigmatic watcher may be the least


My Mind Alone

Mike’s girlfriend has recently dumped him. Lost and confused, he sets off on a journey up north to leave his life behind. Renting a cabin located in isolation, the battle with his manipulative and destructive thoughts will soon commence. You can run from everything, but can you run from yourself?   Amazon iTunes GooglePlay Barnes &


The Desolate Journey

Attacked and left for dead in the desert by an unknown entity, a man awakens to find himself in an enigmatic new world brimming with unholy chaos. Where every imaginable evil can and does exist, this desolate wilderness relishes in the destruction of humanity. With little understanding, the man is forced to flee for his life

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Why I Write (Into My Own Mind)

Alternative Wasteland was released in 2018, and I couldn’t have asked for a better response from readers. The books have been selling at a steady rate, and have inspired me to immediately start work on a new novel. Alternative Wasteland dealt with many subjects within the genre of the suspense/psychological thriller (with horror elements incorporated