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My Formal Introduction

So, I’ve kept this under wraps for a little while now, but I am happy to announce that I have signed a Publishing Contract with Pandamonium Publishing House. This is my media kit regarding my first (upcoming) release with them, and a brief bio. To say I’m excited is a vast understatement. Very proud to

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NOW AVAILABLE!!! The Heart of Noir City is infected by its shadows. Corruption fuels its soul. Populated by criminals and femme fatales, immorality is the life blood pumping through this contaminated metopolis’ veins. Within these pages, three short stories are intertwined with cocktail recipes inspired by the world of Film Noir. Hard-boiled, enigmatic and alluring

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Port Dalhousie Home (Sotheby’s)

    Rising prominently into the sky, the Queen Anne-inspired home rests peacefully atop a hillside waterfront overlooking majestic Lake Ontario. The lake view is awe-inspiring, a beautiful and serene landscape that provides a tranquility commonly associated with the picturesque community of Port Dalhousie. With the slow, lapping of water against the rocks below, it’s