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Hype: A Seductress in Disguise

mikepeters June 18, 2013 Blog Comments Off on Hype: A Seductress in Disguise
Hype: A Seductress in Disguise

Hype is a manipulator of the heart, of the mind, and of the soul.

Hype is a seductress, a teaser, a conniver, a user.

Hype exists to dazzle the eye, to stimulate the brain, to salivate the mouth. Hype is there to provoke excitement, and to conjure up energetic murmurs about the “amazingness” of Hype itself.

Hype is a wanderer with a purpose. It walks amongst us in our everyday lives. It connects with us, and dares to remind us that life doesn’t always have to revolve around the banality of routine.

Hype is a drug, and we wilfully give into its tantalizing allure.

But Hype is a one night stand. It plays with us, takes us home, has its way with us and once it’s over, it slips out undetected, leaving us to ponder the question, “Was it worth it??

But Hype never remains undetected for too long. It always dares to show its face again, but of course, never embodying the same form as before.

And being blinded by the sexiness of Hype, we continue to commit the same foul again and again.


I have never really been a Superman fan. The character never really appealed to me, and I tended to ignore many of the films and television shows associated with his character.

That is, until the day Hype knocked on my door. Her scintillating and curvaceous features staggered me, and I knew I was in trouble.

I had fallen hard.

It began last year when I began to see small snippets of my new obsession appear on the internet. Not revealing the whole show, but enough of a wink to grab my attention.

But crushes only last so long, and I moved onto a slightly different (darker) version of Hype when I became obsessed with seeing the final instalment of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

But “new” Hype would not be deterred. Playing my emotions like a classic femme fatale, she revealed herself once again a few months later.

Though, if I wanted a date with her, I would have to wait until June.


“But I want to see you now!”

“No”, she said with smoky seductiveness. “You have to wait until June…trust me, I’m worth it”.

So I did.

I tried not to think about the day of my big “date”, but how could I not?

And if the situation wasn’t difficult already, Hype kept teasing me with new footage of herself as June got closer.

But after months of anticipation, I finally got my date with Hype on Monday, June 17.

She had played hard to get. Had teased and tempted me for months, but I held out (persevered you could say) and proved my dedication to her.

And I did things classy. I just didn’t show up in my pinto with my jogging suit on. I went all out for her because I knew she would be worth it.

So I drove almost an hour to see her in 3D and on the IMAX screen.

And then it happened, the lights went down, the sound erupted from all around me, and Hype appeared on the screen in all her glory.

Though there were many other people in the theatre, in my mind, this was OUR moment.


Two and a half hours later, I heard Hype sneak out on me, but I neglected to stop her.

You see, I was too preoccupied with the pondering of one important question.

“Was she worth it?”

“Not sure”.

But hey, I hear a new Batman film is in the works.

Welcome back, “Dark” Hype….

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