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My Formal Introduction

So, I’ve kept this under wraps for a little while now, but I am happy to announce that I have signed a Publishing Contract with Pandamonium Publishing House. This is my media kit regarding my first (upcoming) release with them, and a brief bio. To say I’m excited is a vast understatement. Very proud to be a part of the team and looking forward to where my writing career will now take me.

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The Heart of Noir City is infected by its shadows. Corruption fuels its soul. Populated by criminals and femme fatales, immorality is the life blood pumping through this contaminated metopolis’ veins.

Within these pages, three short stories are intertwined with cocktail recipes inspired by the world of Film Noir. Hard-boiled, enigmatic and alluring concoctions that help to better define the characters and themes existent within these tales. Tales that are feverishly driven by greed, lust and murder!

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Port Dalhousie Home (Sotheby’s)



Rising prominently into the sky, the Queen Anne-inspired home rests peacefully atop a hillside waterfront overlooking majestic Lake Ontario. The lake view is awe-inspiring, a beautiful and serene landscape that provides a tranquility commonly associated with the picturesque community of Port Dalhousie. With the slow, lapping of water against the rocks below, it’s nearly impossible not to be emotionally swept away by the delicacy of the visuals.

A step inside the home, with its high ceilings and wide and commodious rooms, is a grandiose experience.  There is a seductiveness that envelops one as they enter in through the Victorian-Inspired double front doors. It’s intoxicating in that it stirs up a curiosity to want to delve further into seeking out and discovering more of what the house has to offer. Covering well over 10,000 square feet in finished living space, the entire house is ample and vast. Ripe with opulent texture, the house offers a little bit of everything.

Built in 1998, and renovated in 2009, the home is a feast for the eyes. Limestone and Cherry Hardwood flooring, a library with floor to ceiling mahogany bookcases and cabinetry, authentic plaster mouldings throughout the entirety of the house, and breathtaking scenic views of Lake Ontario from multiple vantage points (such as the Conservatory behind the house that overlooks the Great Lake) are just a few of the features that help highlight the magnitude and richness of the home.

Yet the house never feels overwhelming in its presentation or style. Though consisting of numerous rooms, spiral staircases and a myriad of windows, the house is welcoming. There is a distinct personality present, a definitive identity empowering it that provides a feeling of warm sanctuary.

Situated directly beside the home is the Coach House, an exquisite structure that truly compliments its neighbour. Built in 2005, the Victorian-designed dwelling is a wondrous sight to behold. With floor to ceiling custom windows in the living room, vaulted ceilings and stunning wooden arches, the Coach House proudly celebrates its sumptuous appeal.

It is a finely-detailed home with dazzling, dream-like expressiveness throughout its composition. With marvellous views of the lake, complimented by a pool and a concrete-pillared Open Air Structure in the rear grounds, the house’s attention to detail is astonishing. The use of colour, texture and design is a work of art, a picturesque fantasy come to life.

As was the case with the Queen-Anne home, the Coach House is very individualistic in its personality. Venturing from room to room, the patterns and styles are distinct, and revel in their ability to articulate something robust and bold. Like a fine wine, the house is daring and captivating.

Both homes embody personal, unmistakable spirits in their physical formations, and proudly display it in the heart of their Port Dalhousie neighbourhood.


Alternative Wasteland

More than thrilled to announce that my first novel was just released.

Ready for sale immediately.

Each book is $20.

Thank you for everyone’s support throughout the years. Truly honored!

I will be delivering the books myself so just let me know the best way to deliver them if interested.