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Moby- Destroyed

mikepeters June 12, 2012 Music Reviews Comments Off on Moby- Destroyed
Moby- Destroyed

Album: Destroyed

Label: Little Idiot

Rating: 3.5/5


Populated by desolate and dour soundscapes, Moby’s Destroyed eerily captures the essence of emptiness. Basking in haunting structural tones and textures, his tenth LP obsessively consumes itself with the re-creation of the fantastical elements of sleep deprivation. In fact, the electronica mastermind defines his latest release as “a soundtrack for empty cities at 2 a.m.”.

Suffering from bouts of insomnia during the configuration of this album, Moby’s latest release is definitely a curiosity piece; far from perfect, but hardly a write-off.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed his career that Moby prides himself on the seductive manipulation of sound. Embracing a seemingly limitless musical structure, Destroyed expresses a dense abundance of sonic diversity.

Whether it’s the hazy dreamscapes of “The Low Hum”, the Shoegazing-inspired “Lie Down in Darkness”, or the hallucinatory stillness of “Rockets”, Moby invokes a rich and enticing ambience throughout. Even when a few of the tracks border on tedious banality, there always emerges something intriguing hidden amongst the layers of depth.

Destroyed is exactly what you would expect from an insomniac at 2 a.m. (jittery/anxious creativity), and for this reason will more than likely turn people away. It’s definitely experimental, but then again most of Moby’s artistic output tends to be. Suffice to say, it’s intriguing but perhaps it’s too soon to judge if it’s truly memorable.

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