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Fear the Night

mikepeters June 5, 2012 Fiction Comments Off on Fear the Night
Fear the Night

…As I lay cowering beneath the window sill of my bedroom, my mind races relentlessly. Did IT see me? No…it’s impossible…but then suddenly it arises. An unearthly howl so terrifying that, like wind through a keyhole, it penetrates my very sanity. IT is coming for me…it is only a matter of time.

I remain as still as possible, fearful that any movement will alert the presence lurking just steps away. But my rigid determination is all for not. In a matter of seconds the front screen door situated beside my bedroom, normally a solid protector from the forceful elements of the outside, is ripped from its hinges with the unholy grace of evil unleashed.

I frantically scan the room for any possible instrument useful in a confrontation against an abomination, but nothing is my revelation. As the sweat pours from my brow, the front door gives away as if it were a weightless feather rather than a guardian protector.

Again the howls arise. The hair on my arms defies gravity as my eyes bulge from their sockets. There are footsteps now. Many footsteps! Loud crashes from the hallway as vases, picture frames and mirrors are thrown to the ground with relentless force.

IT knows I am here…THEY know I am here.

I quickly leap up and bound across the room, barricading myself against the door. As I hold my breath, the first attack comes. A fist flung against the door so forceful that it flings my body across the room. Landing awkwardly against an armoire, I watch in horror as a second blow strikes the splintering door.

A ghastly hand, marked by gnarled scars and oozing sores, smashes its way through the door as I awkwardly retreat back towards the window sill. Fragmented pieces of wood fall to the ground as I look on in stark terror. From the depths of the darkness beyond, a sneering and menacing smile arises from the beast. ITS maliciousness manifested by ITS glowing crimson red pupils. ITS tongue seductively moving about as if already savouring the feast.

I watch in horror as the door is flung away. An unimaginable entity appears in the doorway…and then another appears behind IT. As IT enters the room, bowing to enable ITS ten foot frame access, I know it’s the end…but suddenly my gaze is diverted away towards the corner of the room. Something shiny has caught my attention, and my eyes remain fixated on it even as my soul embraces its impending doom.

A baseball bat, divinely propped up against the wall a mere five feet away, is my mind’s focus. In my initial frantic exploration of the room, the bat must have averted my eyes. Or did it? Without a moment of hesitation, I scramble towards the corner.  As I grab the bat and begin to grip it tightly, I hear multitudes of laughter directly behind me.

I bow my head and close my eyes.  This is not my time! This is not my time! I slowly turn around to face the evil…


What if zombies, werewolves and vampires actually did exist in this sort of form? As if the minds of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and George Romero actually concocted some sort of truth to our myths.

What if we did exist in a form of fiction that we normally take for granted? What if we were locked up in a house as hundreds of zombies mulled about outside? What if a vampire overtook our small town and it was up to us to stop it?

What If our general idea of normality wasn’t so normal tomorrow? How would you handle it?

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