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Darkness Descending

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Darkness Descending

The second of my two stories due for release this summer. A story about vengeance, regret and manipulation.


An Excerpt:


It’s more than just sex with her. The sweaty, emotionally-fuelled act of love making is euphoric in a way I never thought possible with another human being.

The look in her eyes pierces through my emotional core with unrepentant relentlessness.

I simply cannot explain it.

On top of her, I can’t help but lose myself in her gaze. Like quicksand, I sink deeper and deeper as her stare reaches, grasps and eventually paralyzes me.

I stare down upon her, smiling, overcome by an indescribable, overwhelming emotional connection.

I’m lost in a world I’ve never journeyed to before.

She stares up at me, smiling, lost in the carnal embrace of two wandering souls finally content in knowing they have found one another.

It was shame that we were both married to other people…



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